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Clipping path

Before we start working on the clipping path, we need to know about some of the special settings of Photoshop. Because if we have no idea about Photoshop then we will not get the desired result. But one important thing is that we will save these settings in Photoshop as a new workspace. So, we can easily bring the workspace forward when doing the next clipping path. 

  • Pick Tool Mode
  • Exclude Overlapping Shapes
  • Auto App/Delete
  • Rubber Band
  • How to create a workspace in Photoshop

#. Pick Tool Mode

In pick tool mode, we will always put the path option in the selection. 

#. Exclude Overlapping Shapes

In the path operations menu, we will place the selection in the Exclude Overlapping Shapes option. 

#. Auto App/Delete

We have to tick mark the Auto App/Delete option. Because if we don't tick, we can't add or subtract the anchor point while correcting the path. For this, we must tick this option. 

#. Rubber Band

We will tick the rubber band option inside the Set additional pen and path options menu. The path hand will be visible when we tick the rubber band option. 

#. How to create a workspace in Photoshop

Workspace is a preset layout for creating Photoshop interfaces. There are many panels in Photoshop that we don't always find useful. But if we have a panel of our choice, we'll save it as a custom workspace to access it. To do this, we go to the Workspace menu in the upper right. Here are some workspaces we can access. If I want to create my own, I will click on the menu and set things as I like. For example, I will select it if I want to close the adjustment panel.

Then I will go to the panel menu and select Close. But if we want to close a group of panels like the top group then we will select the Close Tab Group after going to the panel menu. Now we go to the Workspace menu and choose a new workspace. Finally, once the settings are applied we will save them to a new workspace.

#. What is a clipping path?

A clipping path is a vector graphic that outlines around an object using the pen tool. In many of our works, we use the clipping path of Photoshop. Usually, we use this clipping path to cut any object from the background. Also, we use this process to create drop shadows. 

#. What does a clipping path do?

Clipping path is a technique that is important for any type of photo editing. It allows us to remove the background and modify the details. Also, with this process, we can replace specific parts of the image. Moreover, it helps to select the size or object of the image to create a combination of different images.


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